Feeling Self-Conscious about my Appearance

2016-08-17 11.04.09

In school I was the tall skinny girl who was bad at sports but could eat anything I want without gaining a pound. I was actually always satisfied with my looks. Even now when the time of eating what I want is over. I gained weight and have normal weight right now. All in all, I have no problem with my weight, curves and general appearance. Isn’t that great? Who can say that they are satisfied with their body nowadays? My fashion style is quite simple and comfortable. You can’t go wrong with Jeans and a T-Shirt.

Recently, I had to deal with a difficult person. Oh boy, did this person annoy me. This person was criticizing my looks. Not my weight (this person is actually happy that I am not so skinny anymore) but my style. No matter what I was wearing, I wasn’t pretty enough. When this person saw what I was wearing (again, Jeans and a T-Shirt) this person asked me if I had prettier clothes. Not in a calm and suggestive way but in a “how can you possibly think that you look good in these clothes” way. Sorry, but I wear what I want.

How can you tell somebody that they look bad? Why does it matter what I wear? Am I embarrassing you? Am I disappointing you? (Again, I wore a completely normal pair of JEANS and a T-SHIRT!) Why do I get criticized? I would never say something like that to this person.

I wear clothes because I can’t leave the house naked and not because I want to impress strangers. Everybody should wear whatever they want. If you want to dress up, do it! If you are not interested in fashion, no problem either!

For a second, this person made me feel insecure about my looks and made me hate all my clothes. But then I realized that this person just has good intentions. This person wants me to dress up to show how pretty I actually am. This person is actually proud of me and wants me to dress to my fullest potential to show me off. This person doesn’t want me to “hide” behind simple clothing.

But the thing is, I don’t need anybody to tell me that I am beautiful or pretty because another T-Shirt or dress won’t change me. These people don’t even see and realize how beautiful I am. How can a skirt change this fact? Why should I impress people with my great style? I want to impress and inspire people with my good heart and good actions.

Don’t get me wrong. If you are interested in fashion and trends, that is great! If you don’t, that’s great either! Do what makes you happy! Being fashionable doesn’t mean you are shallow! Everybody has different interests, opinions and creative outlets. If fashion is your passion (uh I rhyme) then live your passion! But it is not my passion and that is ok.

Instead of being angry at this person, I want to thank you for reminding me what is important in my life.

Did something like that happen to you before? How did you react?


13 thoughts on “Feeling Self-Conscious about my Appearance

  1. What a wonderful post. I especially love how you see the good intentions behind what was said to you – so many people would have turned this into a rant and make it about how people are judgmental or whatever. You turned it into a lovely insight and something positive. The world needs more intelligent and beautiful thoughts like this. By the way, I am also a jeans and T-shirt girl, although occasionally I go a little crazy and wear something mad. Have a super day!

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  2. Hi,
    my husband is telling me that all the time, too. He says: “Why can’t you wear something pretty? I allways know how you feel, when you dress yourself like this. The outside represents your inner beauty. You don’t have to hide…” Well, he just wants me to feel good about myself. That I do it for me. To care about myself, love myself. That’s the point. I think… 😉 First I’m angry to and say: “Why can’t I just dress how I feel?” But that’s not the point, he says then.
    Best wishes


  3. Meine Frau und ich gehören beide zu den Jeans&T-Shirt-Kombinierern. Und das eher schlecht. Aber wir schätzen es und sehen es gerne, wenn sich Leute gut anziehen können. Ich halte das für beneidenswert und für eine besondere Form der Höflichkeit seinen Mitmenschen gegenüber. Meine Schwiegermutter zum Beispiel ist so eine Fashionista. Und wenn Sie uns Klamotten schenkt, sehen wir direkt besser aus. “Hast Du wieder ein Shirt von Deiner Mutter an?” gilt bei uns Synonym für: Was siehst Du heute gut aus! Natürlich sollte man damit niemanden unter Druck setzen. Aber leider kommt unsere Tochter eher nach der Großmutter. Noch nicht mal zwei, sucht sie ihre Schuhe täglich selber aus. Und die passen immer zur restlichen Kombination. Das macht uns Angst.

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    • Ja in meinem Kleiderschrank kann man sofort sehen was ich gekauft habe und was ich auf anraten der Fashionistas gekauft habe 😉 Ich bin fasziniert wie modesicher diese Leute sind. Immer perfekt kombiniert und jedes Mal ein anderes Outfit.
      Haha pass auf! Irgendwann kommt deine Tochter bei dir an nach dem Motte: “Boa Papa was trägst du da?! Geht ja gar nicht! Wir müssen shoppen!” Viel Spaß 😉

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  4. Thank you for writing about this topic. I’ve had cases when my weight is put into question, but I think it all comes down to doing/wearing what makes you feel comfortable and at best. Everyone is always going to have an opinion about something!

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