The Joy of Gardening

2016-08-11 10.54.31

I am so happy that we have a balcony in our apartment. I like to call our balcony a garden, although when I think of a garden, I imagine an actual part of the ground with soil and not just some pots lined up on concrete floor. But hey, it is all we can afford right now and better than nothing!

Since I love eating cherry tomatoes, we came up with the idea to plant our own cherry tomatoes this spring! So we went to the hardware store to look for plants but it was too early and there were no plants to buy yet. Two weeks later when we went grocery shopping, all of sudden there were shelves with seeds everywhere.

Of course we couldn’t resist just buying cherry tomato seeds. We also bought seeds of cucumber, bell pepper, salad mix and chives (chives failed miserably…). We also picked up some potting compost from the hardware store.

A great way to reduce the cost and to be environmentally friendly is to recycle plastic containers as plant pots! We used champignons and fruit plastic containers, ice-cream pots, yoghurt pots and tins. Make sure to poke holes in the bottom of the containers so that the excessive water can run out. Since these pots aren’t big, your plants won’t grow tall. Of course it would be better for the plants if the roots have more room but they also grew with small pots.

I have to admit, my boyfriend did all the work… He “hatched” the seeds, planted them, waters the plants and takes care of them. Of course, if he is at uni all day I will water the plants! But I rather just enjoy our beautiful balcony, the pretty colors and the blooming plants. So gardening is rather my boyfriend’s hobby and I am benefiting from it! Studiying on the balcony with all the plants and bees is really relaxing and calming!

2016-08-11 11.01.08

Another way of supporting the environment is supporting the bees! It seems that there are always bees in our garden. And they are really friendly because they just focus on the blossoms! We leave them alone and they leave us alone and we both benefit from each other! They pollinate our plants and we give them food. Great teamwork!

I would also like to collect rainwater to be more environmentally friendly but the rain doesn’t really reach to our balcony, so it is not worth it to set up something to collect the water. Maybe one day when we have a “real garden”.

Here are some before and after impressions of our garden:

Some of our harvest:


All in all, growing plants is somehow really satisfying. Seeing the plants grow and eating my homegrown vegetables makes me happy!


Do you grow vegetables? Do you have tips how to grow plants on a balcony?

P.S.: Please don’t mind our dirty floor.



4 thoughts on “The Joy of Gardening

  1. Peppers and Tomatoes grow best with about 20x20x20 cm of soil but a minimum of one liter works also. You also might want to plant them new every year. Old plants are heavily less productive, as i had to realise with my peppers.

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