July Recap


I would like to start this series where I evaluate a month and answer some questions. I thought that weekly recaps would be a bit too much. The purpose of this series is to remind myself of the highlights of my month but also to work on myself and focus on things I want to improve or should pay more attention to. Writing down my goals, impressions and experiences each moth will help me to track my improvements and motivate me to work on myself.


1) What made you happy?

My 3-year anniversary with my boyfriend (do you want to know more about our binational relationship?)

2) What frustrated you?

One word: Terror

3) What were you grateful for?

(I am always grateful for my family, friends etc.) A classmate who made studying so much more fun.

4) What made you proud of yourself?

The last two weeks were really stressful because of work and my exams. I also got sick in between. But I managed to hang in there and not get frustrated and overwhelmed.

5) What do you want to improve?

Ugh, I am still working on not letting my perfectionism take overhand.

6) Was there an exceptionally funny moment?

I had to correct exams from bachelor students and one student didn’t answer any questions but wrote an (sarcastic) apology letter on the last page. A whole page!

7) Did you fulfil the goals from last month?

This is the start of the series so there are no goals from last month.

8) What are your 3 goals for next month (August)?

1. Enjoy my week at my parent’s house (not thinking / worrying about uni)

2. Write more than one articles per week

3. Not stressing out when I start my programming project in the second half of August (coding is so frustrating…)

P.S.: The picture above is taken in the alps. I love this scenery!


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