Appreciating Little Things in Life

2016-07-30 17.40.31

willow tree

This Saturday morning my boyfriend and I didn’t want to get up since the thought of having to study all day wasn’t really appealing. We stopped for a moment, cuddled, talked, enjoyed each other’s company (and procrastinated). It was such a wonderful way to start the day since we usually don’t wake up at the same time.

2016-07-30 17.42.07

water lillies

In the afternoon I went to campus to study with a classmate. We went to the big pond on campus, sat on a bench under a willow tree and enjoyed the moment. The weather was really nice, just a few students were on campus, it was peaceful, the ducks went crazy over bread from some kids, our hair flew in the wind and cooled us down, the water in the pond was shimmering, branches of the willow tree stroke the water.

The scenery made studying so much easier. It was really relaxing.

A couple days ago  I was studying at home and looked out of the window. The sunset was really beautiful. At first I thought there was a fire because the sky was bright orange. At that point I thrust my notes aside, ran to my boyfriend who was studying in the other room and we enjoyed the sunset.

2016-07-28 10.22.46

Bright orange sunset

Although this week was quite stressful, appreciating these little moments calmed me down. I worried about the exam, project work or the future in general. But sometimes we need to stand still and acknowledge the present.

The future is still going to be there afterwards.

In everyday life you can easily forget about the little things. All of my examples from above were for free. I just opened my eyes, observed my surroundings and acknowledged its existence. I learned that being mindful of my surroundings helps me to be calm. Whenever I feel stressed and my mind just can’t stop thinking about all the “what ifs”, I want to try to hold still for a moment and observe what is actually going on right now and not hypothetically in my mind.


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