How To Not Stress About Perfection


This post is a continuation to this post about perfectionism!

So here are some tips to not feel stressed to be perfect:

 1) be your own cheerleader/fan


Don’t be your worst enemy or critic, be your own cheerleader! Why putting yourself down, criticizing yourself and making yourself feel like you’re not worth it and not good enough.

You are worth it and you are good enough so stop picking out the negative aspects of yourself!

2) don’t compare yourself


Let’s be real, this is really complicated. Unconsciously or consciously we compare ourselves with others all the time. This person is prettier than me! This person has better grades than me! This person has a better relationship than me! This person has more talent than me! You think that this person generally has a better life than you! Truth is, everyone has their own story no one knows about. They may seem happier, more successful and prettier but you don’t know what they have to do in order to get there.

There is a difference between feeling inspired by someone and comparing yourself to someone. The first variety can push you to do better and make you realize what is possible in life. The second variety is rather demotivating. Haven’t we all at one point heard of someone who is younger than us and is already more successful or got everything you want to get. That’s rather depressing. Am I wasting my time? No!

If you start comparing yourself, you already lost. Don’t start a battle you can’t win.

3) the world is not going to end if something is not perfect


I always try to see my problem in the broad scheme of life. Will my problem matter in five years? Probably not. Right now, every problem seems immediate and important but in five years you won’t even remember this problem.

4) don’t take everything so seriously


Sadly, it is not so easy to stop taking everything so seriously. I am guilty of making a big thing out of a small problem. For example, I make a plan that today I want to do laundry, finish a homework and workout. If I don’t finish my homework I am really disappointed in myself. I had a plan and couldn’t do it. Alice would have accomplished everything (You don’t know who Alice is? Then read this post!). But I shouldn’t be so hard on myself! I should be proud of myself for at least doing laundry and working out. I could have chilled and the couch all day and could have done nothing if I wanted to but at least I did something!

5) make sure did the best you could do


Right now I have to give in an assignment and I always feel like it’s not perfect and I could do better if I had more time. Truth is, you are never going to be 100% satisfied with your work but accept the fact, that for the time you had, the result is the best you could do. Be proud of yourself for trying!

6) life is not a race


Sometimes it might feel like life is a race. Who finishes university the fastest? Who marries first? Who finds a job the fastest? You have to understand that everyone has another path in life and a different speed. No path is better than the other. Your path is your path and someone else’s path is their path. Some people accomplish things faster in life but that doesn’t mean that their life is better or that thay are happier. As long as you are happy with your path, it is all that matters!


Now I am really curious about your opinion!

What about you? Would you describe yourself as a perfectionist? If yes, why? Why do like getting things done perfectly?


7 thoughts on “How To Not Stress About Perfection

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  2. Hey 🙂

    I really loved your article 🙂 I totally agree with wath you said. I have to say, that I changed a lot since last year… I started to realise all of this and because of that I feel a lot better 🙂 I don’t have to be perfect and I don’t have to be the best at everything 🙂

    Keep posting such beautiful words 😉


    Liked by 1 person

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