The Happiness Tag

2015-12-25 11.59.36

After two rather heavy posts I decided to do the happiness tag to lighten up the mood!

5 things that make me happy:

1) taking a walk with my boyfriend

I love taking walks with my boyfriend. When I’m stressed out, a walk relieves my stress. I love how we always find little beautiful things in nature. In everyday-life we can forget about the little things but a duck family in a pond, a pretty single flower in a grass field and funny cloud formations relax me and make me happy. Don’t forget the little things in life!

2) a nice long breakfast

It makes me happy to wake up and knowing that I don’t have to hurry to get ready, quickly eat and then go to uni or study. Knowing that I can take my time to eat breakfast makes getting up so much easier. I actually prefer having breakfast with family or friends than eating dinner. The atmosphere at breakfast is just different than at dinner. But I also enjoy breakfast by myself!

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How To Not Stress About Perfection


This post is a continuation to this post about perfectionism!

So here are some tips to not feel stressed to be perfect:

 1) be your own cheerleader/fan


Don’t be your worst enemy or critic, be your own cheerleader! Why putting yourself down, criticizing yourself and making yourself feel like you’re not worth it and not good enough.

You are worth it and you are good enough so stop picking out the negative aspects of yourself!

2) don’t compare yourself


Let’s be real, this is really complicated. Unconsciously or consciously we compare ourselves with others all the time. This person is prettier than me! This person has better grades than me! This person has a better relationship than me! This person has more talent than me! You think that this person generally has a better life than you! Truth is, everyone has their own story no one knows about. They may seem happier, more successful and prettier but you don’t know what they have to do in order to get there.

There is a difference between feeling inspired by someone and comparing yourself to someone. The first variety can push you to do better and make you realize what is possible in life. The second variety is rather demotivating. Haven’t we all at one point heard of someone who is younger than us and is already more successful or got everything you want to get. That’s rather depressing. Am I wasting my time? No!

If you start comparing yourself, you already lost. Don’t start a battle you can’t win.

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Toxic Perfectionism


As long as I can remember I thought I am a perfectionist.

I liked getting things done, getting them right and getting recognized for it. I always did my homework in school and university, studied well for every exam and was the “leader” in group work.

But it got to a point where I got problems. I couldn’t hand in my assignments or homework because I thought I could have made a mistake or the assignment wasn’t good. Before an exam I was afraid that I didn’t study enough.

At this point I asked myself why I want to do everything perfectly. It’s not because I genuinely enjoy things being done perfect, but because I fear of not being good enough. I fear of failing and regretting handing in a bad assignment or getting a bad grade. Maybe it would ruin my grade average and my future.

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10 Facts About Me


1) allergic to cats and dogs (and slightly pollen)


Sadly! I love animals and I love snuggling with cats and dogs of friends but my reaction to the fur is really uncomfortable. I know that I am not allergic to all dog breeds like poodles but I had a reaction to every cat I met so far. That is why the only pet I ever had was a hamster. But I loved it with all my heart teenage-Julia could! I don’t know why I have so many allergies since I was a kid that ate dirt…

 2) I’m soo bad at sports


I feel like I am cursed in the sports department. As long as I can remember, I hated sports and I was terrible at it. Starting in first grade, I felt almost harassed by my P.E. teachers. Why can’t they understand that some kids are good at sports and some are just not good?! The same with math. But noooo everybody has to be good at sports and it is just your attitude that is hindering you -.-
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